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Dharamshalas - Services to Holy Digambar Jain Pilgrimage Centres - at

a) Shikharji - Constructed 8 Nos Modern Air Conditioned rooms and Prayer Hall in First Floor of "SHUBHAM YATRI NIWAS" at "SHRI PARASNATHJI/SHIKHARJI" in the name of Pratapgarh Niwasi Shri Amritlalji Padlia and Shrimati Manikbaiji Padlia(Late Parents).Bhoomi Poojan was performed by Shri B.L.Jain in March 2011.The construction work of this first floor was completed and is available for service to the holy pilgrims.

b) Girnarji - Constructed "Manik Amrit Yatri Niwas" with 23 Nos modern air conditioned rooms and 3 Nos Dormitory at "SHRI GIRNARJI".Bhoomi Poojan for this auspicious purpose was performed by Shri B.L.Jain & Mrs.Vanmala Jain in November 2010.Construction of "Manik Amrit Yatri Niwas" was completed in 2013 and is available for service to the holy pilgrims.

c) Kundalpur - In memory of their parents,the trustees have constructed an excellent Atithi Griha,"Manikbai Amritlal Padlia Yatri Niwas" consisting of 20 modern air conditioned rooms.Bhoomi Poojan for this religious purpose was performed on 20th October 2013 by the trustees,Shri B.L.Jain & Mrs. Vanmala Jain,in the auspicious presence of Shri 108 Acharya Vardhaman Sagarji.The construction of this "Atithi Griha" is completed and is available for services from 2015 to the holy pilgrims.

d) Shri Mahaveerji - The Trust has constructed 12 nos. of modern finished and air conditioned rooms on the first floor at newly constructed Lala Umrao Singh Jain Dharamshala at Shree mahaveerji(Rajasthan) in the name of "Bahadurlal Amritlal Jain Charitable Trust,Mumbai."

e) Pratapgarh - Trust has constructed a Yatri Niwas within the campus of Bhattarak Yashkriti Shikshan Sansthan for which Bhoomi Poojan was performed on 9th Dec, 2015 in the auspicious presence of 108 Acharya Shri Sunil Sagarji. Services at this Yatri Niwas is available from January, 2017 for visiting pilgrims.

f) Nana Palkar - Trust has donated Rs 1.00 crore (Rupees One Crore only) to the Samiti which is a Non-Government Organisation and is in the field of conducting various activities for the benefit of needy patients. In recognition of the contribution, Samiti has installed a plaque on the 2nd floor of the building dedicating it to the Trust.