"Life not lived for others,is not a life"


Important Services to the Society:

a) Amrit Smriti Sabhagrah
In the year 1986-87,the Trust had constructed a multi-purpose hall called "Amrit Smriti Sabhagrah" within the Bhattarak Yashkirti Sikshan Sansthan at Pratapgarh(Rajasthan).The hall is being utilised for conducting various classes for boys and various religious,cultural and social activities are being conducted regularly.

b) Manek Smriti Sabhagrah
In the year 1992,the Trust had also constructed a multi-purpose hall called "Manek Smriti Sabhagrah" within the Mahila Vidyamandir at Pratapgarh(Rajasthan) where regular classes of Craft,Tailoring,Dance,Music,Drama,etc., are being conducted exclusively for girls apart from other religious,cultural and social activities.

c) In the year 1999,the Trust has constructed one hall admeasuring 27' X 18' suitable for accomodating 25 physically handicapped students within the hostel set up by the Rashtriya Apang Association at Amravati(Maharashtra).

d) In Dharamshala premises of Shri Digamber Jain Mota Mandirji,Devgad,Pratapgarh. The Trust has constructed BHOJANALAYA for the service of visiting pilgrims.In October 2012,donation was given to meet the expenses for digging a Well for making availability of drinking water to the visiting pilgrims and others & also for construction of compound wall at the Devgad Mandirji site.


We also help economically weaker sections by way of financial assistance and Scholarships to eligible students in the field of Medical,Engineering & C.A. on merit basis.
In the field of medical,our Trust is extending financial assistance strictly on merit to needy persons,suffering from Cancer,Heart,Kidney and other major diseases.


In the year 2016, Family has set up Vanmala Bahadurlal Education & Medical Foundation, having its Registered Office at A-52, Silver Apartments, Shankar Ghanekar Marg,Dadar (West), Mumbai-400028.Foundation providing educational/medical assistance to needy persons.